Monday, June 24, 2013

Signs? Hogwash! (.....?)

Do you pay attention to signs around you? Not the tangible, large red signs that tell you to start slowing your car down, but the ones you cannot touch? If you see signs, good or bad, do you believe in them? I would like to believe in the good signs, not the bad, but can it really only work in my favor? That's a pretty self absorbed idea I suppose. I am sure that everything with Kira tomorrow will go fine. Am I scared to death? Absolutely. However, if one were to believe heavily in signs then I am trying to be told something for sure! I just find it extremely odd that these things keep happening in connection with this surgery planning. Here's the  craziness...

-On the way home from her pre-op appointment, I hit and killed a bird. I have never hit ANYTHING with my car.

-Today, while trying to get back into my Navigator at the hospital after doing her pre-op lab work, my car alarm goes off, and will not turn off. I could not get it to turn off for over 5 minutes. This has never happened before.

-Tomorrow, the day of her surgery, we are due for a fluke storm to roll through. Sporadic thunderstorms all day the forecasts say. Then Wednesday, we are due to get back into our 100 degree Summer weather.

Re-read those 3 things if you must, because it's bizarre. It trips me out, but she is still going to go through with her surgery.

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