Monday, July 8, 2013

Bandages are off!

Warning! Graphic images below...

I took her bandages off this morning, and seeing my baby girls back kind of made my heart skip a beat. It looks pretty nasty and painful, but all in all, it was the RIGHT thing to do. You can really see her curve in these images, and you can even see the rod. I was trying to get a good image of the shorter rod, as you can really see it coming out of the skin, but my cell phone camera, would NOT capture an accurate image of it. If you know anyone contemplating the VEPTR surgery, please refer them to me or this looks bad, but it's such a good thing! I took an image of her laying either side for comparison sake. Actually, now that I posted the pictures, you CAN see the rod in the first image. That line poking out is not her spine, her spine is curved on her left side... that is the titanium rod you see.