Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scoliosis pictures

Here are some before..soon to be during, and after images of this journey.

Before going in... irritating her with all of my lovins...

... and for her official "before" image. I really should have done a lot of different positions. 

I do have a few other images of her laying on her side with me on the bed before she went in, I will add those later. Here is the X-ray image taken this morning, the day after surgery. It shows the titanium rods on her left side. Original plan was to put a rod on either side, but her ribcage was protruding too much on the right side for a rod to be placed. I know it looks like they are going down the middle, but the longer one is in the left shoulder blade, going to her hip bone, and the shorter one is in her ribcage, going into her hip bone. You can see her spine curving to the side. Her BODY already looks straighter, she doesn't look like the letter 'C" laying down anymore! The curved spine you see there is a 35% improvement! I am very happy with the results!! I just cannnnnnnot wait for her to get out of this damn pain! 

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