Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm so confused.

Good Sunday morning! For the past handful of years, I realize I only post when Kira is sick, but in all honesty, there really isn't much to report otherwise. Our days are very much repetitive. She doesn't do much lol. My sweet girl. Anyway, If you have been an avid reader of this blog over the years, or you know Sissy well, you know that she has this crazy thing that she does when she needs to as I call it, "nu-nu". Which simply means to have a bowel movement. She has always had chronic constipation, she just does not have the muscle strength nor the signals to move her own waste. I always need to give her milk of mag, Miralax, glycerin enemas, etc. She acts out in discomfort and often gets crunchy (congested) when she needs to go. She will get so crunchy and worked up at times that I have thought she suddenly developed full blown pneumonia. She will appear to have a lung infection, then she will poo, and viola..illness gone. It's really a trip! So now that you know that, here is the current situation... Starting Thursday night, she was a little congested, and this time her 02's were being affected. I KNEW she needed to go nu-nu, so I wasn't concerned. Friday, she is still uncomfortable, but still hasn't gone, so I gave her more milk of mag, and kept her on the o2. Saturday (yesterday) she went for me, But is still uncomfy. I gave her a bath just in case I need to take her in, and this is in fact an illness and not GI related. So here I sit, she is having her vest therapy right now, which shakes up her lungs, and helps to loosen up any thick and stuck mucus that is adhered to the lungs. She shakes for 20 minutes, then I will deep suction to induce a cough and see where we stand. Here is the confusing part... she is BARELY crunchy this morning. Her lungs sound pretty darn good! However, the nasal cannulas fell out after Jim turned her an hour ago, and her 02 saturation was 83. That is LOW. Her normal is 99-100. She oxygenates very well on her own. On 3 liters, she is 90-91. I don't understand why her o2 is so low, but she doesn't sound bad. I'm thinking she is going in. Her vest just stopped. Let's go investigate my lady..... So now, with the 3 liters of o2, she is between 94-96. Not too bad. Still, not at her norm. yet either. I still don't know if this is nu-nu related or if she is sick. That's ridiculous! Can you imagine if you appeared to have a chest cold when you needed to use the restroom? She isn't having labored breathing really, yet she is not completely relaxed. It's very hard to explain, and in all honesty, this Momma has no idea what to do at this moment. It is not an easy task getting her ready and getting her to the hospital, and I don't want to go through all of that with her just to find out she is not sick and they aren't too concerned. On the other hand of course, I don't want to keep her home when in fact she does have a nasty illness brewing and she goes downhill very quickly. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I just gave her her morning meds, she is in a comfy position, shaken, suctioned, and as chill as I'm going to get her right now. I will jump in the shower, and then I'll debate a couple more times on what to do, then I will most likely end up at Kaiser, then I will update this little blog here. Tootaloo.