Friday, November 25, 2011


While her Xrays don't look terrible, SHE looks terrible and sounds even worse. She sounds like a washing machine. One that someone put some chains and rocks in. She is working a bit to breathe, but will NOT cough it out. For whatever reason, her cough response is about nil right now. I am tormenting this child with the the tube.. in and and out.. down her nose, down her throat..but only 1 out of 7 times I get a cough from it. We gave her an extra dose of Klonopin yesterday morning, as her seizures were doing their normal, " Our host is sick, let's go crazy!" activity. I think that obviously played a large part in her being more sedated and suppressing her reactions. But last night and today, that excuse can't be used. Perhaps she's just "over" the dang tube being jammed into her. No fevers really.. 99 this morning, but she has pretty much been normal. We have added the cough assist to her regimen of machines in this room, I don't know what else to add to get that junk out of her. Time. It's the only other option. Just keep shaking, pounding, suctioning, yelling at... her, and with time, she will get better. Oh, I yell at her, I sure do! I threaten too. Perhaps that's why she's not responding, she's like, "screw you!" and showing normal child "ignore" status.

Okay fine, as I do not yell at her, I do threaten. I threaten a butt kicking if she doesn't cough. She's not scared of me, as it hasn't worked yet! Anyhoo.... til' a later time......

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 months; part deux

Sunday was a super ugly day and night, that carried into early Monday morning. The rest of Monday was great, she had settled down, and sounded so much better. However, a repeat x-ray that afternoon, showed that the pneumonia started developing on the left side. Strange to me, since clinically, she was improving. So yesterday, I thought she will be outta here by Wednesday. Today is a yucky day though. She is officially on the rollercoaster ride. Down/up/down.. so tomorrow, should be up, right? Retractions have set back in, she sounds coarser than yesterday and today's x-ray does not show an improvement. She is on 2 antibiotics, extra fluids, slow drip feedings, and respiratory therapies ( steriod, hypertonic saline, vest, manual percussions, albuterol and suctioning. We are going to attempt the cpap again tonight. They tried last night but Kira Jean was NOT having it. Overall, she is not too bad, she's been much sicker than this. She just needs to hurry up and heal by Thursday because Momma needs some vino, candied yams and family!

Monday, November 21, 2011

7 Months.. how long it has been since Kira was last in the hospital for her respiratory illnesses. She was admitted yesterday, her cold turned into pneumonia on her right side. She has had a cold for about 10 days, even had 2 xrays to make sure it was staying out of her chest. As of Wednesday, her lungs were clear. On Thursday, I think it was, I started getting a couple green plugs. But since the x ray the day before said clear lungs, and just "common cold". I wasn't *too* concerned. There was a dramatic difference in her illness/behavior/02 needs as of yesterday. Until yesterday, while she had gunkies for me to suction and she required 02, she was calm, relaxed and comfy. Now she is a working machine, retractions, seizures back to back, very agitated, high heart rate and respiratory rate. The dramatic difference that took place in 1 day has me a bit concerned. But I know my girl, and she is one tough cookie.. so with the right meds and therapies, she should turn the good corner just as fast as she turned the bad corner. At home, she had been on 3 liters of 02 via nasal cannulas, but yesterday and this morning, she is on 6-10 liters via the mask. 7 months is such a good run for Kira Jean though.. i'm proud of her. I'm also very grateful to her new Nurse Jessica, for which I am certain has played equally as large a part in keeping her home this long. ( I feel like I am winning an Oscar) As she is struggling right now, and has not relaxed at all since yesterday, she could sure use some Prayers for comfort to overwhelm her body, so healing can take place. Thank you. <3