Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 4

Yesterday was day 4. Yesterday was a GOOD day! I will say that this was the official turning day. Day 3 was improved pain wise, but all day/night she was seizing and holding her breath with each seizure, making her heartrate and oxygen levels drop pretty low. Yesterday though, there was none of that. At times she appeared to be at baseline, chillin like a villian. It made my Momma heart so happy to know that she is feeling good!

Her back is still bandaged up. I can't see the incisions yet, but I do know that she was cut whole body length wise on both sides. I'm not going to lie, i'm pretty freaked out about lifting/moving/holding her. I am so afraid im going to hurt her. Those rods are so big compared to her dainty little self. I'm afraid i'm going to rip the incision open, though I know that that's not likely. When she had her biopsies on her thigh as an infant, I was afraid of the same thing. I don't know why my mind always pictures the skin being pulled open on accident. Sorry, not a pretty image.

Anyhoo.. today is my Grannys memorial service, so Jim went to be with her this morning, and I will go back to my Lady Bug this afternoon. P.s. You all know you are welcomed to post comments on here. I can see that SO many people have viewed Bugs blog here, and I love that people care and want to know, but don't be sceeeeered to speak up people! XO


Anonymous said...

I ain't sceeeered! I'm checking this blog every day - sometimes several times a day (but I'm not OCD or anything). Thankful you are keeping it current so Bruce and I know how Kira is doing. We're thinking about her all the time and sending love her way. Oh, and there's some extra love for you, too! XXOOXX Tam

Kira's Mommy said...

Awww Tam, how cute are you!! We love you guys too! XO