Saturday, October 27, 2012

Like a car

You know that phenomenon where you take your car to the mechanic because of a nagging sound, and viola, it is mysteriously gone as soon as the mechanic investigates? This is not the first time Miss Jean has resembled a thumping car. She is okay, does not have pneumonia, but does have something going on. She keeps dropping her oxygen levels. Going down to 78%, which is quite low. I put her on oxygen last night, and took her in today for a Dr. appt. to ensure that whatever this is, is not turning into pneumonia. While we were there, the MA put the pulse ox on her, and......she was registering at 96%.. she's cured! All I can think is REALLY?! Anyhoo... great part is, her x-ray resembles her last x-ray that was taken during her last admission with pneumonia, which would be the one that shows the best image. They were almost identical. So it is now my job to be aggressive and not allow this "thing" ( the illness, not Kira) to develop into the nasty beast that we know so well. :) I have a good feeling that it will not.