Sunday, June 23, 2013

2 More Days

It's Sunday night, and Kira's surgery is Tuesday. Quick rundown... her scoliosis has progressed so dramatically, that it has turned into a life & death matter. I know that sounds dramatic, and I cringe at the drama of it, but in reality, that's exactly what it is. The Orthopedic Surgeon has been ready to do the surgery on her scoliosis for a few years now, but I have always said no. She goes through so much, I did not want to put her through that and the painful recovery. I always said that I would revisit the idea of this surgery if A) It was hindering her lung function, or B) The scoliosis itself was causing her pain. All of a sudden it seems that her spine went through a curve spurt and just went nuts. It is now curved so far that it is against her chest wall, squishing her lung. It is making her ribcage protrude on the side, behind her shoulder blade. You can definitely see the effects when she is "bad side up". She works harder to breathe and her oxygen is lower on that side. I recently found out that her left hip is dislocated, from her body being curved and just not right. I Pray that she can be doped up enough to not feel the tremendous pain that is sure to follow this surgery. There is obviously no need for her to do the standard exams the days following this serious surgery.. so let's just keep her under for about 2 weeks and monitor her vitals! I know this is not going to happen, we can't keep her "under" but let's drug my Ladybug up as much as we can! I know she will feel SO much better when this is all behind us. She will be a new person! Her body will not be straight right out of the hospital, and honestly, it may never be "straight", but it will be improved. Every 6 months she will be put under to have her rods lengthened. Short and steady wins the race. I will save you all my emotional vomit regarding all of this, and just keep your updates factual. :)

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