Friday, April 29, 2011

More than just asleep

So today I had my first stranger acknowledge that Kira was more than "just asleep". I am sure strangers have wondered, as we pass them, but still aren't quite sure. This gentleman today, did not verbally acknowledge, but it was clear by his actions, that he knew. I was still at the Doctor's office, about to enter the elevator, and he was standing behind me. As I entered, I reached to hit the 1st floor button, but he eagerly extended his hand to press it for me. Right as the doors closed, he bent down to her, held her hand and said sweetly to her " Hello Sweetheart. Hello Sweetheart." I told him that she does not wake up, but she can feel him, and he gave me a gentle, understanding smile. As I walked away, I realized, " Wow, that was the first time." He was the sweetest man. If only everyone out there had that kind of soul. :)

As for her appointment, it went very well. She is doing fantabulous. Dr. is pleased with how clear her lungs sound, and we are going to restart her Robinol. Robinol is an excellent drug. It thickens and dries out her secretions. This equals less drool=less aspirations=less hospital admissions. As we were waiting for her Dr. to enter the room, we got bored and decided to link her sausage fingers and see how long she can stay like that. She wanted me to take a picture of it ,so she can show people how cute her wittle fat finders are. So love this girl!

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