Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Kira "eats"

Truth be told, I used to be somewhat of a "breastfeeding nazi". I was always an extended breast feeder, and tried to get all momma's to do the same, or at least to just nurse. Having Sissy, definitely changed my point of view. I am so Blessed to have a couple pictures of Kira nursing. I attached her to my breast right after birth, like I did my other children.  I also nursed her when she was a couple of hours old. Again, she did not open her mouth, nor root, but I was able to "get it in" :) I pumped my milk for her for the first 9 months of her life. It was getting to be too much for me, mentally and physically, so I changed her to formula. After not being able to nurse one of my children, and finding that formula is saving her life, my outlook on formula quickly changed. Now, if a new Momma tells me they are bottle feeding, I don't give it a second thought.. who am I to? 

Here are the yummies she has had in her tummy;

. Momma milk
. Infant formula (soy)
. Nutren Jr. w/fiber
.Ketogenic diet ( for seizures)
.Peptamin Jr. w/ fiber ( thought it would help constipation.. no go)
.Pediatric Compleat

She does not have any allergies nor limit to what she can eat. If I can liquefy it enough, and it can make it through her G-tube, we're golden! 

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