Friday, May 13, 2011


I have come across many people who tell me they have been wanting to ask me certain questions about Sis, but didn't know how to approach it. I want it to be known, that I am an open book with her. I try to cover most aspects of her disability, but I'm sure there are still things that someone can be curious or concerned about. I know the word 'disability' can be a 4-letter word to some people. I often hear that that word should be banned, because special people are differently abled, and they do have the ability to learn and progress. I completely agree with that, and most special needs people are, in fact, differently abled. But let's be honest here, Kira is asleep. There's not much one is able to do when the brain nor body are in an awake state. I would love for her to be categorized as "differently abled" but alas, she's just a snore bucket. * Said in the most adoring, respectful, and loving way imaginable. ;)*

So this post is an open forum opportunity. If there has ever been something you have wondered about, or something that popped into your head as you are reading this now, ask away.

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