Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "R" word

This is a wonderful platform for me to speak about this nasty word. I have had many verbal conversations with friends and family about it. Somehow some of them get offended at me for asking them to not use it in my presence. Simply baffling. I realize the majority of people who call someone, something, or some place retarded, do not stop to put the connection between a mentally retarded person and someone who is acting goofy. But I ask you, DO stop and think of the connection. When you are referring to someone as being retarded, what are they doing that makes you desire to use that particular word? Are they being stupid, do they have a weird facial expression, what is it? There IS a connection. What's even worse is when people involve the kinked wrist against the chest motion. Ugh, makes me cringe. See, Kira is mentally retarded. She has the kinked wrists that she pulls up to her chest. This is a natural position for your limbs to take when the brain to body communication isn't smooth.  It is so very hurtful to me when I hear people use the R word lightly and derogatorily. I have an Uncle with Downs Syndrome, so I didn't suddenly become an R word hater within the last 5 years. I have however, become much more passionate about it.
I know you all love and care for Kira, and I also know you wouldn't act in a hurtful way in respect to her on purpose. I am simply asking my readers to please think about this word, and find an alternative whenever you feel the urge to spew it. I'm trying to think of a funny example to perhaps show you from a different light, but alas.. I am still suffering from sleep deprivation and I am only on my first cup of joe. My funny bone doesn't activate until at least half a pot is down the hatch.


karaleora said...

We have never met in person. We have a dual connection, one through Shannon, one of my dearest high school friends and the other through my sister, some how. From the moment we began communicating through some post of Shannon's I have adored you and felt a connection.
And as mother's of special needs kids we now have a third connection. Thank you!
I am glad to know you and your beauty queen.

Kira's Mommy said...

Kara, and I too, adore you. I think you are an amazing, positive woman. I very much look forward to when we do meet in person.

Debra Gonzales said...

Well said!

Monika said...

I agree with you 100% Sarah! I hate the R word to and cringe when I hear people using it.
P.S Man I haven't updated my blog in ages, I think the last one is about Becky and Kira!

Kathleen said...

I will say Sarah that having Mark made me MUCH more aware of the word and how offensive it is. Very well said.