Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diaper bag

Today, I bought Kira her first full sized diaper bag. When I was pregnant with her, I bought a chic, black, backpack style diaper bag. After that, came a few small pink and brown bags.. some with polkadots, one with Tinkerbell, and a tote from the Disney Store with Disney Princesses on it. But tonight, as I was in the diaper isle, I took notice of the cute diaper bags they had. Then the thought shot through my mind, why don't I use a diaper bag, a REAL diaper bag for Kira? After all, she is in diapers, needs wipes, a slobber rag, change of clothes, meds, blanket, milk and the milk's vessel. I didn't want to get something too babyish.. I mean, c'mon, her's an old lady now, but I did want cute. I absolutely love the bag I bought. It is a messenger style bag. It's tan, suede feel, with a pink butterfly, flowers, heart and ladybug. I cannot believe everything it holds.  I packed it tonight with 3 outfits, socks, her CD player, 2 cans of milk, her tube, diapers and wipes and her pink & brown polka dot blankey. I was wondering what other parents of special needs kiddos carry. Backpacks, diaper bags? I don't know, maybe next month, I will feel like she is too grown up for this and kick it down to my niece, but right now, it's fun and a bit nostalgiac to pack a diaper bag!


LeanMachine said...

I am a friend of Pauls I think he may be your unkle. My name is Arlene. I loved your blog! Such a beautiful little girl :) We have had 6 kids 3 have special needs MAINLY autism it seemed to get more severe with each kid. Megan is 10 and she still wears diapers. I was actually thinking of going to find a BIG diaper bag. After all we have diapers, wipes, all her snax bcse (she has magor allergies) yeah and her meds She also has siezures... hmmm I may just go out and get one. Thanks again I blog also... it helps me keep my sanity

Kira's Mommy said...

Thanks for reading. I am enjoying this bag. I am not an organized person, and this big, cute bag helps with that.I will head on over and check your blog out as well. :)