Thursday, May 12, 2016


A.K.A. the common cold, is BRUTAL this year. Brutal I say! Everyone around me, at work, and home have been hit, and hit hard with this sucker, with more than half of them, developing pneumonia. I honestly thought Kira was going to be uber lucky and stealthily slip by. Nope. Saturday, she started presenting with what could have been a cold or it could have been her working herself up due to GI discomfort or general discomfort. By Monday, I knew something viral was definitely brewing with her, yet she wasn't too terribly sick. I made her an appt. with her general Dr. where we did an X-ray, and viral swabs and went home. The X-ray at that point showed some lower left side atelectasis (partial collapses). By the next evening, she was much worse. I knew by the early hours of Wednesday that she was going to have to come in. So here we are, Thursday morning, in the PICU, and she is a sick, sick girl. I went home late last night because we got her stable, and she was given her nighttime meds, so I felt okay leaving to sleep. The nurses desk is literally right in front of her. I should have stayed, and I will tonight, because she had a very rough time. I was woken up by a call telling me that she isn't doing well, and they are in her room bagging her because her entire left side decided to shut down and she wasn't moving air and oxygen. They wanted to intubate her, but I was confident that I could hold that off if I could just get there. I told her not to intubate and that I'm coming. Not sure how I got ready and here so fast! But when I arrived, they had placed her on the bi-pap. Which is not too intrusive. Uncomfortable yes, but, it's not the vent! The goal is to have enough improvement to downgrade to a machine that I love called the Vapotherm, which is simply high flow, warmed and humidified oxygen. I am so glad that we had the swabs on Monday, because as we were being admitted to the ICU, the results of those swabs came in, giving the start of this illness it's name. On another note, on Friday I believe, I saw a clip online about a sweet 2 year old little boy who is here in this PICU. I showed our home Nurse the article and told her that he is at "our hospital". This baby boy is on life support, and has been declared brain dead, but the family is fighting it, saying he is still alive and they are trying to raise enough money to transfer him to another State that will allow him to remain on the vent. It's such a heartbreaking situation. It is very similar to Jahi's story that I have followed for the past couple of years. Jahi won the fight and is at home with her Mother, appearing a little similar to Kira, in a Sleeping Beauty state. They did another interview last night with this little ones family, here, but I have not seen it yet. He is literally right next door to us. I want to go love on the Momma, such a difficult situation. Jahi's page: Israel's story:

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Our precious Kira is so blessed to have you as a mommy! Our prayers continue as our little fighter tackles this battle... she's gaining ground! Love you sweetheart, Mom