Friday, May 27, 2016

Home Sweet Home

We're home! Tell me why it feels like we have been gone for 2 months, when really, it was a little over 2 weeks. As soon as we got home, I spent a couple of hours cleaning all of her equipment in her room, moving equipment around, making it more accessible, so I don't have to deal with a tangled mess, and of course doing therapy, feeding and meds. This child has soooo much "stuff", that I HAVE to figure out how to display the big items and organize the small. My brain is still in hospital mode right now, and I want to write out a structured schedule of Kira's day, that will go on the wall. Believe it or not (and those who know me, won't!), but Spring fever has been building up inside of me during this admission. I have been itching to get home so I can clean and organize and sanitize my home. I SERIOUSLY hope that that feeling is still with me when I wake up. Pray for me! lol It's much easier to do housework when you WANT to! ;) This post feels more like a "Dear Diary" entry rather than updating you all on Ladybug! Kira Girl is doing well! I really think she is happy to be home, I feel it. She has a few changes to her routine.. like sleeping with the Bi-Pap and getting those 2 injections a day for that darn clot! (ugh!) Kira made a new friend as we were leaving today. Her name is Brianna and she is 16 years old. She is absolutely precious! She is in the room next door. She is nonverbal like Kirs, but she is awake. Her family seems amazing, and it's mind blowing the similar lives her Momma and I live. Both girls have the same Neurologist, both have had jacked up spinal surgery with the same horrible complications, from the same surgeon, that we both regret. (Please note: I am not saying the problems were the surgeon's fault. He is a great surgeon, and these problems are separate from his skill.) We both had 3 boys, then our special girl, then another boy. I look forward to chatting with her Momma again! I feel like there are things that I am forgetting to mention or update on.. if so, you know I'm a wide open book, so ask away! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! <3

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