Friday, May 13, 2016

Pneumonia Update

TGIF! She just had a bath, hair is braided and in a bun, piggies and hands massaged with lotion, and snuggling with Grandma's home made quilt and enjoying music..she's a cozy girl! Plus, the Ativan helped! : D What a difference a day makes! Her dramatic change (downhill) with her X-ray from Wednesday to Thursday brought me to tears. It was a very scary sight to see some air space on the upper left side on Wednesday's picture, then complete white out the very next day. When the lung has imaging done, you want to see black, that means air is moving, when you see white streaks, that's fluid and gunk. Her right side has a bunch of white streaks, which it should right now, because of the pneumonia, but her left side yesterday, was a solid white wall. That explains the crisis she was in yesterday morning. Now, today's change is just as dramatic (improvement!). There are some black spaces mixed in with the white on the left side... that means that lung is opening up and clearing things out. It's just so crazy how fast all of this is happening! How fast the illness hit, how hard it hit, now the overnight improvement. Thank you Jesus. She is still pretty sick... oxygen dependent, fevers, poor circulation which is causing slightly discolored-cold feet, and a funky heart rhythm (which is due to the illness i'm sure, so i'm not going to worry), but I am pretty confident we have turned the corner. When she is in with pneumonia, we are usually camped out here for a good couple of weeks, but I don't at all see this stay being prolonged. I Pray that i'm right. But if the positive change from yesterday is any indication of the direction this illness is heading, she should be stable again in no time. THANK YOU everyone for your love and Prayers for my precious, precious Princess Ladybug.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God she's getting better. Praying for a quick and lasting recovery. Love you all! XXOO Tamara