Friday, May 20, 2016

Hello Again From Room 406

TGIF again! I have not posted an update about Sis for a week, because really, it's been rough. This child is keeping me on a roller coaster ride. That left lung kept plugging, then collapsing, then we would re-inflate and stabilize her and smile because now, "She looks much better!". Put that on repeat and this has been our week. I am happy to report that her respiratory illness is much improved now. She's still sick, but I am pretty sure those scary moments are behind us. Wanna hear something crazy? Sure you do! The other night, I was cuddling with her and noticed her sausage finger looked a bit fatter than normal. She has precious pudgy hands and feet still, yet, that left pointer finger just looked off to me. I brought it the Dr.'s attentions, and turns out she has a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) For you Googlers, like myself, search: "UEDVT". Having the port in, runs a small risk of developing a blood clot. ...and it did. So we started the Heparin injections to break it up, and get THIS..I, the needle phobe, am going to have to give her Heparin injections twice a day for 3 months. *Breathe* Somehow, (I have more research to do) the clot messed with circulation and caused that finger to swell. Can I tell you what an absolute BLESSING in disguise this illness was. Had she not been hospitalized with it, I am pretty sure the blood clot would not have been found. If we were home and I noticed that her left hand looked puffier than her right, I probably would not have thought it was a huge enough deal to take her to the E.D. So, there is my sob story for the week. Here's something lighter (and pretty freaking awesome!) On my way back to the hospital today, right before I turned in, there was a vehicle in front of me that had a license plate that said "SEE JOY". I told that Town & Country, "I'm trying!" A few hours later, I see this clip of a woman that was simply awesome. Just a super funny & giddy chick that could not stop laughing as she was wearing her Star Wars mask, what is that guy's name.. Chewy. Oh my gosh, she literally had me laughing with her until my eyes filled up. Seriously.. look it up. She was pure medicine for me, and people kept commenting under it, using the word JOY. They were saying how joyful she was, and how contagious her laughter was. Yes God, I did in fact see that joy you threw my way, and I thank you.

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