Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Bed

Today, Kira's new bed will be delivered. I am very excited about this! I have scoliosis, and get back aches often. It will be such a relief to be able to raise her bed high enough that means no more bending over! The head of the bed inclines, which is awesome for her lungs, and her dogs get a lift as well! Since this is Mine and Kira's blog, and I like to keep it on the honest side, I am going to admit something. As stoked as I am, I am a bit bummed that she is not getting the Sleep Safe Bed. I feel like I am 12 when I say that " Everyone else has the Sleep Safe Bed!" But they really do. Sleep Safe is a pediatric hospital bed for home use. This is the bed that she was going to get, they even had me look through the brochure and pick out the color of wood. It is an awesome bed! But the economy the way it is, and funding being cut everywhere, I do understand wanting us to have the cheaper bed. I realize this is sounding so ungrateful and greedy, I get that. I was just so wanting that bed, and I have yet to find another parent who has a regular hospital bed as their child's permanent bed, at home. I do feel incredibly Blessed to even be able to get the equiptment that we have for her, SO Blessed. It's no money out of my pocket, so I will shut up now. I will post pics of Baby Girl in her new bed this evening!

**** Update****
Apria just left, and I am in tears. This bed is horrible! It has to be the oldest style on the market. It is dented, scaped up and metal. It has a crank handle to raise the bed, and a couple metal bars by the head as the "side rail". I cannot believe they thought this bed was even close to being acceptable for a disabled child. It has zero protection for her, not user friendly and looks just hideous! Sorry folks, no fun, exciting pictures coming! I will obviously take care of this.



SO sorry for the disappointment. The bed sound completely impractical and really not helpful to you at all. I wish there was some way I could help you get the bed you really want...I looked them up, the Sleep Safe beds look amazing and Kira totally deserves one...and so do you. XO

Mom said...

I absolutely agree.... there is no way that is a safe bed for a handicapped child. I saw how the safety rails (if you can call them that considering how small they are) kept falling down, leaving our baby girl high off the ground with no protection. I cannot believe they delivered it. I'm sorry you have to deal with this, please let me know if I can help, love you.

Krsiten said...

I would be very upset too :( Hugs. Get in touch with susan, srmina on p2p, karunas mom....i think she has a letter you can use on how unsafe this bed is to get the sleep safe one covered. one good thing is that you went with what they wanted you to go with at first....its not working or safe for kira! Take pics, alot of pics on how Kira is in it, how she can fall out of it, get stuck between the rails etc. Good luck.