Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hi guys. A few updates here, on respite, the bed and her Rapunzel hair.

I just received a call, letting me know they found a respite Nurse for Sis. The charge Nurse will come to my home next Wednesday to do the paperwork, talk more about what this all entails, and do a home inspection. K, that last part scares me.. do you even know how much house cleaning I have to do, for someone to do a walk through of this place?! Egads! Then, Kira's Nurse will start approximately 2 weeks after that. I would love some Prayers that it's a good match. I understand that the match is more for her to tend to Kira's high needs, but obviously, I Pray for a good personality match for her and myself. Her hours will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. M-F. I have no clue how I am suppose to entertain her for all of those hours each day. Kira will not need all of those hours to be hands there will be tons of chit chat between her and I. I am sure all of this will be a beautiful situation, as I absolutely adore almost every one of Kira's hospital folks. I will keep you posted...

I spoke to Kira's Dr. about the bed situation, and she was putting in another prescription for a new bed. I have yet to hear anything back though. I need to follow up, because by now, a new bed should have been delivered, I should have received an email, or received a denial letter by mail. Good thing Kira sleeps with me often anyway.

After years of debating on cutting her hair, I DID IT. I would go back and forth so much, and always falling back to the fact that it's gorgeous and I just can't and won't cut it. Now that I did, I have no doubt what so ever, that I made the right choice, for KIRA. I kept it long for ME. She did not like her hair long. She has a sensitive scalp like her Momma, and she would posture and spit when I combed the rats nests out. It was always getting pulled, laid on, or caught on something when down. So I ended up mostly keeping it in an updo. Everyone told me how beautiful it was, that I shouldn't cut it, and even Jim has said many times that she is like Samson, and her hair is her strength. I put way too much symbolic value on her hair. She is my only girl. I have all of these boyish boys, and I just want to be able to do the "girly" thing to the fullest. It was such a ridiculously emotional thing for me to do. I am almost embarrassed that all of this hair business with Sissy is such a big deal to me. Anyway.. it's done, she looks absolutely adorable, and I know that she feels a million times better. THAT is what matters. It's quality of life, not length of hair for this girl now! ;)

Umm, what else to update with? Have I been on here since her Birthday? I don't think I have. It was pretty uneventful for her unfortunately. We went to my Father in Laws, and had a nice time with a few family members. For a large part of the day, it was too hot for her to be out, so she stayed inside, on the couch while we all swam and bbq'd. Poor Girl. She sat in Daddy's lap for her fireworks. YES, they are HER's now! lol Next year, Kira is going to have a large birthday bash at our house, on a different day other than the 4th.  You are all invited!

On a wonderful note, Jim finally got a job. Hard times are about to be lifted. Whew. I have learned many valuable lessons through out all of this though. I have learned how to stretch a dollar, found humility, and changed my judgmental outlook on people who are seen as low class. I will go from here, to hopefully being a frugal, financially responsible, and more compassionate for people, woman.

Before.. between her bottom and her knees.

After. A short, layered, A-line bob.

19 inch braid. (Still smells like coconut) ;)


Tamara said...

You are a wise and wonderful woman, Sarah. From the insight about the long hair to being open to learning lessons during tough are inspiring. Your mom and I were just talking about the latter today (trying to learn lessons from dealing with difficult people, in my case). I love reading your blog. I've missed the updates. One more thing - we need pictures of Kira with her new do on here! The one you posted on FB is upside down (on purpose?) and I can't get it right side up. My neck hurts trying to look at it :-) XXOO

Debra said...

What a wonderful post! Ditto to everything Tamara said! I'm so glad you cut Kira's hair, she looks adorable and I know she loves it. It's wonderful that you will be getting respite, that will be such a huge help! I look forward to meeting Kira's nurse. The whole bed thing is SO frustrating. Can we write letters somewhere to elevate the issue? Love you and love your blogs! Mom

Kira's Mommy said...

Thanks guys.. love you both! Tam, no, Sissy isn't upside down on purpose, lol, I tried to rotate it because it was originally sideways, but got stuck like that. I will post pictures in just a moment. Mom, I am going to contact her Dr. again to see what she was told.