Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to Holland

When Kira was an infant, I came across the most amazing poem. I sat in front of my computer screen reading it, with literally a soaked face. I had tears pouring out of both eyes, ( would be funny if it were only one eye, huh!) I just could not believe what I was reading. This Momma that wrote it, has a special needs child, and she wanted to convey to the "outside world" what it feels like when you get the news that your child is not completely healthy. This poem took my emotions, my feelings, my words, my thoughts, my rage, and placed it into this poem that made me step back and say, "Yes, Holland is amazing. Different, but amazing." I share this poem with the staff at the hospital, and I encourage you to please share it with a family that has a special needs child. It is such a deeply penetrating poem, and can help many people. She just hits the nail on the head!


Debra Gonzales said...

So perfectly said. We love our little Holland Tour Guide with all our hearts. And such a perfect song - I think of Kira every time I hear it, our sweet little firework! xoxoxo

Monika said...

I found this poem early on in our journey with Becky too, and like you, couldn't stop crying while reading it. It so perfectly states the feelings we as parents of a "special" child go through.