Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Almost 2 weeks in, and she is MUCH improved! Today is about the 3rd day that I have been able to say with certainty that she was doing better. Before that, it was hard to tell, honestly. She may have had moments were she seemed better, but would prove us wrong within the next hour. That is behind us though.. she is definitely almost over this! This morning, she was switched to the normal wall oxygen, and her numbers look great! She sounds so much better, has so much more air movement in her lungs, and is more comfortable. All around, fabulous. Her secretions are still thick, and she requires frequent, deep suctioning, and meds to help calm her, but this comes with the territory. I am pretty sure I have previously posted, but she was dealing with RSV, but also bacterial pneumonia with the 2 bacterias: pseudomonas and serratia. It is beyond me HOW this child got all of this! She doesn't go anywhere and she always has the same group of people around her. The thing that kind of has me a little like, hmmmm.. is that she is still having very low grade temps. Nothing scary at all, but I'm feeling like after day 11/12 of being on heavy antibiotics, she should have zero fevers, regardless of how low. Anyway, the title of this post: "Ahhhhhh", refers to a few things regarding today.. 1) Sister is mending beautifully 2)This means she will be homeward bound in the very near future 3) Someone had a volunteer bring me something else from Panera today. It was RIDICULOUS! I have never had Panera aside from the soup on Saturday ( Thanks to my mystery friend, AKA Lezlie!) and now this cheesy, flakey, buttery, bacony deliciousness.. seriously, so good! I'm guessing also Lezlie.. it had no name. 4)She had a a full on bath with her new girly bath goods that I grabbed this morning. (The hospital grade CHUX pads can hold 4 gals. of water, FYI). So, all in all, today is a pretty good day. I suspect we will probably be changing from PICU to the PEDS floor today or tomorrow, since she is now a new, healthier lady. Here are a few pics from today... "Bathing beauty" "Where did those bangs come from?" & "How ADORABLE is her new toothbrush?!"


*Amberlie said...

Wonderful news sissy!! Give her tons of kisses for me. I love you!

Wendy C. said...

She is so beautiful! I am so happy she is on the mend! ❤ her blanket and pillow!! I hope you are doing well xoxo