Monday, February 20, 2017


This has GOT to be our peak day. She seemed like she was improving last night, but obviously someone coined the phrase, "The calm before the storm" for a reason. The nurse and I were so perplexed but thrilled to hear how good her lungs sounded last night, although she was still breathing fast and retracting, she sounded pretty darn CLEAR. JINX! After 1.5 hrs. of light sleep, I wake to the Dr. in her room and a nurse suctioning. She is CRAZY congested, and it's deep and SO, so thick. I know you all are Praying for her, and I appreciate that so much! Please continue, this has me pretty emotionally wrecked right now. Since this is my "Dear Diary" platform, I hope you all don't mind me being dramatic and all..but I think I may be ramping up to my peak day, right along side of her. My girl is just so darn fragile and this is miserable and painful for her, and that sucks! This Momma wishes she could take it all away, just like MY Momma reading this wishes she could take my sadness away too.. sorry Momma. I wish I could take your wanting to take my, wanting to take Kira's bad stuff away. We just need to stop. lol Alright my friends, It's possible I am becoming delirious.. time will tell. I think I am going to go hang Sissy upside down by her feet.

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