Monday, October 7, 2013

Veptr Updates

Kira's initial surgery was June 25th. As mentioned below, she did well once we got her pain under control. Everything was fine until the middle to the end of August. We were certain that one of the rods had come off of the pelvic bone. You were really able to see it and feel it poking out. The X-ray showed what looked to have confirmed it. Surgery was scheduled for that revision and to have the first lengthening. That surgery took place on Sept. 5th. She did so well! Turns out that the rod was still attached to her bone, but it had curved outward as her body was shifting. Her pain level did not appear as severe as the initial surgery whatsoever. It was manageable, and she came home after only a 3 day stay. It was great! I wiped my brow with relief and thanked Staples for that easy button. This past Wednesday, I go to check on Kira, and see what appears to be a jar of baby food, sweet potatoes to be exact, all over her and her bed. It was coming from her back incision. Infection. Upon inspection, I see that ALL of that came out of such a small hole. I took her to see the Surgeon, and while laying there, I see a second hole has appeared. He put a wound vac dressing over it and placed her on an antibiotic. Over the weekend, it had continued to drain a LOT. I took the wound vac off so I can change it out, and I see that those 2 tiny drain spots have started to open and are now pussing. It is looking terrible. She has to go back into surgery to have both rods removed on Friday. The plan is to remove both rods but to leave the hooks on her, and to place an antibiotic filled cement spacer inside for 3 months, until the infection is fully gone, then re-insert the rods. My heart aches for her because I am so tired of her going through PAIN. I want Kira to have a comfortable, peaceful life, and this is not it. I was SO hesitant to have her scoli surgery. I denied it for many years. I did not want to put her through the pain and discomfort that was to follow a serious surgery such as this. It wasn't until it became a serious, organ-squishing ordeal that I realized if I wanted to keep her, I needed to put her through it. I was so glad that I did after the fact. It seemed to have worked so beautifully. Now with this, this will be the 3rd surgery in 3.5 months. *sigh* I am not sure if I should even put them back in when the infection is gone, do I continue to put her through this surgery crap? That, I need to think more on.. hubby and I are both sort of second guessing all of this, did we make the right decision in the first place. Please don't answer this, it's my worry, fear, frustration, sadness, etc. speaking. I knew infection was a possible side effect, but I honestly did not think it would happen. Everything is a possible side effect. Will keep you posted.

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Carrisa Mckeachnie said...

Sarah, dont second guess yourself, You know in your heart you have never made a decision for Kira that wasnt the best option at the time. You are an amazing mother and you will always do whats best for your little girl.