Monday, September 10, 2012

We are moving in a couple of weeks, and we are losing a bedroom. I am considering putting the "2 babies" together. Being Kira and Aaron. I am not sure how this would work though. I know Aaron would be happy to have Sissy sleeping in the same room. BUT, then there is the decorating aspect. I want Kira's area to be her girly girl, and Aaron is obviously a boy. Do I split the room down the middle, one half is boyish, the other, beauty Queenish? I know that there will be a separate play room area, so Aaron does not need much space for toys in his room. Just a thought here, Otherwise, Queeny will be with me, and I obviously do not mind a room decked out for a Queen! ;) Opinions are welcomed. P.s. the playroom area is not an option for a room, sadly.

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Bethe77 said...

Moving to smaller is never easy. Decissions to make it comforatable for all. They probally have great ideas on room divisions pn pinterest that could help you make the room like two seperate rooms. So many great ideas out there that help with things like that.