Monday, November 21, 2011

7 Months.. how long it has been since Kira was last in the hospital for her respiratory illnesses. She was admitted yesterday, her cold turned into pneumonia on her right side. She has had a cold for about 10 days, even had 2 xrays to make sure it was staying out of her chest. As of Wednesday, her lungs were clear. On Thursday, I think it was, I started getting a couple green plugs. But since the x ray the day before said clear lungs, and just "common cold". I wasn't *too* concerned. There was a dramatic difference in her illness/behavior/02 needs as of yesterday. Until yesterday, while she had gunkies for me to suction and she required 02, she was calm, relaxed and comfy. Now she is a working machine, retractions, seizures back to back, very agitated, high heart rate and respiratory rate. The dramatic difference that took place in 1 day has me a bit concerned. But I know my girl, and she is one tough cookie.. so with the right meds and therapies, she should turn the good corner just as fast as she turned the bad corner. At home, she had been on 3 liters of 02 via nasal cannulas, but yesterday and this morning, she is on 6-10 liters via the mask. 7 months is such a good run for Kira Jean though.. i'm proud of her. I'm also very grateful to her new Nurse Jessica, for which I am certain has played equally as large a part in keeping her home this long. ( I feel like I am winning an Oscar) As she is struggling right now, and has not relaxed at all since yesterday, she could sure use some Prayers for comfort to overwhelm her body, so healing can take place. Thank you. <3

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