Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 months; part deux

Sunday was a super ugly day and night, that carried into early Monday morning. The rest of Monday was great, she had settled down, and sounded so much better. However, a repeat x-ray that afternoon, showed that the pneumonia started developing on the left side. Strange to me, since clinically, she was improving. So yesterday, I thought she will be outta here by Wednesday. Today is a yucky day though. She is officially on the rollercoaster ride. Down/up/down.. so tomorrow, should be up, right? Retractions have set back in, she sounds coarser than yesterday and today's x-ray does not show an improvement. She is on 2 antibiotics, extra fluids, slow drip feedings, and respiratory therapies ( steriod, hypertonic saline, vest, manual percussions, albuterol and suctioning. We are going to attempt the cpap again tonight. They tried last night but Kira Jean was NOT having it. Overall, she is not too bad, she's been much sicker than this. She just needs to hurry up and heal by Thursday because Momma needs some vino, candied yams and family!

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Rachel A. said...

Anytime you need company, I am right around the corner! I would be more than happy to come by even if it's to hear you vent, ramble, or just sit and visit and share some vino!