Saturday, September 17, 2011


So I have no idea what is going on with Sissy. For the past 2 weeks, she has been dipping her 02 sats, and needing suctioning here and there. Her congestion sounds will clear when she coughs and I suction. It's very strange. Normally, when she is ill, it's cut and dry. She will get sick, drop her 02 sats, need supplemental 02 consistently until either the cold is over or she progresses to pneumonia. Before last night however, she could go 22 hours on room air in the high 90's, but need 02 for 2 hours because she's in the high 80's, then go back to maintaining a great number on room air. Ugh. Was that confusing? Sorry, if so. Anyhoo, pretty much yesterday, she was on more oxygen than room air. Last night, when she was on her left side, she was in the high 80's, but if I turn her to her right, she came back up to mid 90's. Something is a brewing, but I wish it would make itself more clear, whatever it is. Right now, it has me beyond confused. Right now, she is on her left side because she slept on her right, on 2 liters of 02, and her sats are 94-95.  I just realized to some people this may sound like I am speaking a foreign language. When I say her "sats" it's her oxygen saturation level. Your oxygen saturation level should be 100 if healthy. Even the healthiest of people don't always sat at a perfect 100 though, but really 98 or above. Kira, when healthy, always sats at 100. Her satting in the 80's clearly says there's a plug or something in there, that is not allowing free air flow, and allowing her body to oxygenate well. And I am sure most know this, but what the hay.... 02 means oxygen. I have an oxygen concentrator here, and it goes up to 4 liters. I use the nasal cannulas with it. She hardly ever needs me to use it though, like I said, unless she's sick, she's a pretty stable little girl! Okay, done rambling... I am not even going to proof read this, I know it's a mess of number's and jumble... I didn't sleep well, and have not had a full cup of joe yet... ;)

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Savannah said...

Poor girl. Praying for her health!