Friday, January 3, 2014


Sipping coffee, trying to get in some relaxing time before I have to start hussling and bussling, I have about 30 more minutes.. *yawn*. Kira goes back in this morning to remove all of the hardware in her back. She has developed another gnarly infection. It is an MRSA infection running rampant in there. I do not understand why her body seems to reject any hardware put in and cannot stay infection free. Doesn't it understand I am trying to HELP it. Right now, she has that antibiotic filled cement rod ( placed a couple of months ago due to that bad infection), and a couple titanium hooks in her shoulder blade left from her titanium VEPTR rods. The plan is to remove everything, thoroughly wash out her back, stuff her with antibiotic beads that will eventually dissolve and close her up. She and I took a bath together last night, (should I be admitting that? She is 8 afterall. Forever my baby.) and I saw that 2 spots along her incision line are starting to open. The infection is trying to come out. I am so glad the way it worked out though. I took her to see her Surgeon on Monday because I noticed a large fluid filled area right next to her incision line. He aspirated it and yep, infection. But on the outside, no fevers. Ever since the beginning of these surgeries started, she has been in an almost every day state of discomfort or pain. Sitting in the carseat hurts her, but I would not have known she had a hefty infection if that hematoma did not develope. Ah, I guess I would have found out when her wound opened... anyway.. Daddy woke up sick today, so it's just Kira Girl and Momma heading out this morning. Poor timing. Grammies will be there soon too. Love to all!