Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back in room 406

So sweet of our nursey friends to save Kira's room for us! ;) Last time we were here, she was dealing with her left lung collapsing on her a few times due to pneumonia, now she has RSV and pneumonia. This illness truly came out of left field. She went to bed slightly worked up, (but she does that sometimes) and woke up laboring to breathe, hot skin and low oxygen levels. Just BAM! So here we are again, hanging with out PICU peeps, trying to get over another hump. The scary part(s) for me is that her scoliosis has her spine squishing that darn lung, and it has made it pretty weak, and from day 1 of this, gunk was already in that left lung. She is on day 3, and Doc says that around day 5 is peak and the worst of it. So I am buckled in, and will "expect" (such a negative term here) for it to get even worse, but I will know that when that happens, it's only because she's peaking and will be over the hump and the worst of it in no time. The thing that gets me, is that she has been breathing so fast and hard for 3 solid days now.. it's exhausting to watch, so I can only imagine how pooped out and miserable my love is. Her little tummy and chest have not slowed with the retractions at all. it's nuts. Her nurse is currently drawing from her port to check her co2 levels. When you work like this, you sometimes don't blow off your carbon dioxide, allowing it to raise in your body and that's no bueno. The machine she has is super nifty though, it's called an i-STAT, it gives results in about 2 minutes, so i'm anxious to see what it is. Can I just give a personal shout out while we wait.. I have this crazy inner strength when it comes to my eating right now, that is literally always MIA when she is here. I am an emotional eater, and I find total comfort in food. My all time favorite joint, Panda Express, is right across the street, and I have not paid them a visit yet. Haven't said "Hola" to Dos Coyotes across the other way, nor have I been down to the cafeteria to have the double burger, fries, coke ( and sometimes cake..SHH!). I have been coaching some amazing rockstars recently and they have been staying so strong with their diet and exercise, and I think that has in turn, helped me in this situation. Kira is kind of scary right now, and I am sleep deprived, and I KNOW it's okay if I indulge a little, I get that. But for me to not already have to deal with food regret, feels so good. It's less stuff I will have to deal with after she is home, healthy and a happy girl again.. 'cuz we aaaaalllllll know that I will have enough on my plate (no pun intended) with the boys being home alone this whole time, and dealing with the aftermath of that, though I know they DO try! ;) This is not to say I will NOT have Panda.. let's be real here just hasn't happened yet, and that's shocking! Okay.. her co2 is 52, so it's slightly elevated, but not a lot of change from yesterday morning, which was 50. Those are elevated numbers, but not out of control. So we will just stay this current path and continue to do our best to combat these yucky symptoms and issues. Thank you for the Prayers and love from our family and friends. We love you too!

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny. I hope you had some Panda! I'm sure they have a healthy choice, no? Prayers and more prayers for you and our Kira Girl. You are strong, but you know who is stronger ;-) Lean on Him. He's got this. XXOO Tamara